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PURIFICATION is a work appreciated but also debated and contested. I was told that it was discussed and interpreted in an American art forum. I’m a citizen of the world. I traveled a lot and I had the good fortune to relate myself to people of opposite cultures.Naples is not only art, beauty, vitality, colors . Unfortunately this is also the city of the widespread and eternal loser mentality, a mentality that will never lead to an improvement. This city has, in its hands, resources that would be envied by anyone. The unpreparedness of Neapolitans politicians, the arrogance of some behaviors. Many people, not everybody, think to have a superior intelligence aiming to make the best income in two minutes and sometime in unlawfully way, rather than work hard and honestly for sixty minutes obtaining the double of the gain,  All of this, for me, is like a big tumor, a cancer, an infection to be removed  to “purify”. The atrocious image I have chosen to represent the purification  is the most radical and violent weapon conceived by the human mind and it should be seen just as an icon, a symbol and not the wish to see destroyed the city and its people. The hope of a change which I’m afraid will never happen and that passes through the destruction of that mentality that keeps Napoli to its knees from many years, too many years…. perhaps forever

Copyright Fabrizio Fiorenzano